The Power of Power Washing

Deck Staining in Hanover, NH
July 23, 2013
United Methodist Church in Poultney
Home Partners will be in Poultney VT!
August 14, 2013

Did you know that power washing the exterior areas of your home will not only keep it clean, but will preserve the integrity of the materials?  Read on…

I’m sure, if you have carpet, you’ve had it deep cleaned at one time or another because you know that the dirt doesn’t just sit at the surface of the carpet.  You need a machine to get deep down into the fibers of that carpet in order to release the particles inside.  Same is true for your home.  Storm after storm, car after car these all leave their mark all around your home and property and the need for a deep clean multiplies.  Mold and Mildew not only cause cosmetic damage to your home, but over time, it actually contributes to the breakdown of the materials used on your home.  This will lead to repairs, which can be avoided.  Power washing gets right into the materials to release any dirt and grime that has collected over time.  If this is neglected, damage is inevitable.

One of our employees setting up the area to be power washed in Newport, NH

Barn -Before


You can visibly see the transformation of the wood as it’s being power washed…it’s quit remarkable! Power washing removed the weathered look of the wood which prepares the surface for the final coats of paint or stain.


Pwr Wash



Below is the finished product.  This barn in Newport, NH was power washed to prepare for staining.  And as you can see, the results are amazing!

power washing the exterior areas


Power wash the exterior areas of your home every year to preserve the integrity of the materials.

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