Preparing for the Big E!

United Methodist Church in Poultney
Home Partners will be in Poultney VT!
August 14, 2013
Methodist Church Poultney
A View From Up Top, Poultney, VT
August 30, 2013

When it comes to state fairs, The Big E is the largest in the Northeast.  There’s fun for the entire family!  The fair begins on September 13 and runs for 17 days!  With amusement park rides, a circus, live entertainment and LOTS of food, you’ll be sure to have a blast! Over 1.3 Million people visited the fair last year in 2012…the most attendees ever!

One of the attractions many people find educational as well as fun is the Avenue of States.  Here is where you will find replicas of all the original state houses from all 6 New England states, which by the way, sits on land that is owned by the state.  These replicas house the unique character of each state.

For several years now, Home Partners has been asked by the State of Vermont to help with the preparations for this huge event.  We have built some of the booths inside the Replica State House Building as well as decking and railings.  We are happy and honored to be part of this great tradition, which all started in 1916 when Joshua L. Brooks founded Easter States Explotion, home to The Big E. He had a vision, which is what you see today. Read more about the Avenue of States by clicking


VT Building 2

Here is the replica of the Original State House of VT at The Big E


photo (34)    Stairs

Here is a railing and deck that Home Partners installed.



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