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January 29, 2015
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Interior Decorating Trends for 2015

Our last article explored the 2015 trendy paint colors for interior design. Now we’ll take a look at what decorators have in the minds to distinguish last year from this year.

Just keep in mind that taste is very personal. You have a color scheme in mind already, and now you’re looking for something that goes with it, either to blend in smoothly or to stand out clearly, but not to clash. By all means, see what the decorators suggest, and then pick something to please yourself.

Trends on Walls

Big news: Chevrons are out (except perhaps in throw pillows on your couch). Wallpapers are in, particularly as one- or two-wall embellishments to a newly painted room. Brightly colored tiled sections or framed blocks of pattern (tile “paintings”) can also add a striking accent to an otherwise plain wall, but don’t do it everywhere – it’s supposed to be an accent – and don’t lose track of your overall color scheme.

Wallpaper accent walls

Trends on Floors

You’ll find a wide range of new and rediscovered ideas out there, from cowhide rugs (think black-and-white Holstein patches or smooth brown Jersey all over) to throw rugs with Monet-like impressionist designs. They look good on wood, tile, or carpeting.

Speaking of tile, the same bright pattern blocks that look good on walls can be laid into a tile or wood floor as well. Tiles do well in entryways, too, both to set the tone of the house for visitors and to keep dirt and snow off of the wood and carpets.

Tiles Entry

Trends in Furniture

Don’t go for a specific era. Instead, you can feel free to mix classical, mid-nineties, and contemporary furniture designs to achieve the effect that several generations of family have lived in your home. The mid-20th-century modern look that appeared in the 1950s developed in the 1960s, disappeared in the 70s, then came back with “Mad Men” is still in from some points of view, but not for an entire room’s worth.

If you already have your couch and chairs, think about new cushion covers in mid-Century colors, or mix a patterned seat cushion with a solid back cushion. And it bears repeating: Don’t lose track of your color scheme. Blend in or pop out, but don’t clash. The tension that a clashing color creates can seem exciting at first, but you’re apt to grow tired of it more quickly than a strong complementary color or pattern.

Trends in Fixtures

Gold Fixtures

Gold finish is back in, after years of silver and chrome. Bathrooms, in particular, are the place for gold faucets, both in classical and contemporary styles. Shiny, matte, or pattern finishes are all good with gold. You can add highlights to any room with gold wall sconces, gold switch plates, and gold drawer pulls and catches. (We’ll talk more about bathrooms and kitchens next month.)

Smokey glass is back in, too, for light fixtures, tables, breakfronts, and other display cabinets. If nothing else it’s retro, an extension of that 1960s-70s trend in furniture.

Everyone seems to have a different take on this, but here’s a sampling of things you’re supposed to avoid in 2015 (besides chevrons): black-and-white rugs (except the cowhides), mirrored furniture (not even from mid-Century), text as artwork (much too busy), tiles everywhere (think accent, not main theme), red and gold together (it’s too royal).

For more ideas, just google “interior decorating trends 2015.” Then pick and choose to please yourself.

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