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September 30, 2013
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October 23, 2013

Wall decals are not just for nurseries or kids bedrooms.  The variety in the market right now is incredible, you can virtually do anything.  You may have a space in your home right now that needs SOMETHING…but you just don’t know what the something is.  I suggest your start searching through the multiple websites that supply these decals, and something may jump out at you.  That’s what happened with my mom…who I recently visited in Florida.  They spent the last 3 months gutting their condo and creating a beautiful home for themselves.  They were almost done, but there are always those lingering walls that just need SOMETHING, but you don’t know what until you see it.  My mother searched the web and found a mini project she thought would be fantastic for her space…a wall decal.  So, she purchased the product and enlisted my father, to help.  Upon seeing the collection of items that needed to be installed, he kindly said, “Your daughter is coming down, she can help”.  I must admit, I can understand his hesitation and ultimately his withdrawal from the project.

Wall decals are the best way to liven up a space without a long term commitment.  There are thousands available online and in stores.  They are mostly easy to install, but depending on the size, you may need some assistance.  Don’t be intimidated by the picture you see online, as I will demonstrate for you, they come in pieces for you to easily install AND make it your own.

We cleared the area in her dining room and I started to unroll the large decals.  They all come numbered so you can easily cut and group the sections together.  My mother chose a small forest:)  So, tree trunks, limbs, branches and leaves were grouped together by number.  Once that was done, we were ready to start.

Dining Room Repainting


The height of the walls were much smaller than the height of the stickers, again…panic struck.  In this example, we placed the trunk of the 1st tree where we thought we wanted to see the most of it, the rest can be cut off with an exacto knife.

photo (36)


I was able to place the trunk where my mother wanted it, and cut off the bottom so it would fit the space.  The top part of the tree was trickier…the branches went every which way…but when applying, be sure to place the decal where you want it, and pull the backing paper up (or down) as close to the wall as possible.

Interior Redesign


I continued on, making sure placement was where my mother wanted it to be, and completed the wall in about 45 minutes.  It’s a great way to spruce up a space…and when you are tired of the look or need to redesign the space, these are easily removable.  You just peel them away:)

Below is the finished space.  My mother couldn’t be more happy with the final result.  It was exactly what she was looking for!

Dining Room Remodelling

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