Sunny Days…

Our Team ROCKS in Hanover NH!!
July 11, 2013

Summertime used to mean Fun in the Sun!  Painting houses and commercial buildings without worries, as there was endless sunshine and minimal rain.  These days, it’s been more of a challenge as the weather is forcing us to complete interior painting.  As I thought about this, I decided to look for the sun…in last years project photo archives.   We had the privilege of painting a commercial building in Hanover NH.  We rolled and brushed 2 coats to 1500 square feet of stucco on the front, caulking windows as we went along.  Check out the photos of the finished product.


Stucco Ava Building Stucco Ava 5 Stucco -Ava Commercial Building - Stucco -Ava

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