Our Team ROCKS in Hanover NH!!

Sunny Days…
July 10, 2013
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July 16, 2013

You may wonder how we completed a stone patio in Hanover, NH with all this rain we’ve had…well, we DID IT!  Home Partners Team Rocks like no other.  We do whatever we can, rain or shine!  We had our challenges, which we overcame using our expertise. Our client is happy and the stonework looks amazing!  Check out these great photos of the entire project.

Prepping the area:

   Prepping The Area

   Carpentry Prep

Adding Crushed Stone:

Adding Crushed Stone title=

Building Blue Stone Wall:

Building Blue Stone Wall

Laying out the stone:

Stone Laying

Almost Done:

Carpentry Project

Finished Patio with wall, steps and walkway!  BEAUTIFUL!!!

Winslow patio

Final Adjusted Project

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