Selling Your Home? We’ve Found Some Great Tips For Upper Valley Homeowners!

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July 11, 2013
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July 23, 2013

Many customers come to us asking for residential painting when they are ready to sell their home.  The condition of your home is critical to be able to sell close to full price and FAST!  We are often asked for other ideas on selling, and this is what we found after some online research.  The 10 Best Kept Secrets…some of them you already know…some of them may be new and can be a chore, to say the least, but it’s worth the effort in the end.

Secret #10:  Price your house 15-20% lower than what it’s worth.  This will cause buyers to line up in droves and start a bidding war, which will force the price to market value or even over market value.  This is an aggressive and risky approach, but in today’s market, it’s one of the best strategies.

Secret #9: Purge your closets.  Storage is everything, and if it looks like you have more than you need, it’s a great selling feature.

Secret #8: Lighting is EVERYTHING.  Buyers are always looking to make sure they have enough lighting.  In order to make sure you have enough natural light, clean your windows, open the drapes, trim the hedges.  Interior lighting is important as well.  Make sure you have the highest wattage your light fixture can hold.

Secret #7:  Hire the right Realtor.  It’s important to hire someone that will work for you, not her commission.  Ask around and you’ll find the one person that will partner with you and listen to your needs.

Secret #6: Hide the animals.  If you are like me, you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pet.  When it comes to selling you home, not everyone loves animals.  Right before the showing/open house, be sure to tuck away all pet paraphernalia.

Secret #5: Small Fixes are OK…but major renovations are not recommended.

Secret #4: Your home is just that, Yours.  When selling, you need to make it more neutral, so others can see themselves living there.  If you have too much personality in your house when selling, it may take away from the buyer perception of what’s right for them.

Secret #3: The kitchen is where it’s at.  You may wonder if it’s worth updating your kitchen before selling…the answer is YES.  The most return on a home renovation is the kitchen and bathrooms.  If your kitchen is not updated, a buyer may ask for a reduction in price to cover the expense of redoing the space.  But, if you spruce it up with freshly painted cabinets, new hardware and a modern counter top, it will increase the value of the house and buyers will be thrilled.  If you’ve got the money, add new stainless steel appliances as well.

Secret #2: Get ready in a flash.  Always have the house in order and ready for a showing, even at the last minute.  It’s a bear to deal with, especially if you have children…no matter what age:) Being ready will allow the most flexibility for those who have a tight schedule and need to swing by and see what you have to offer.

Secret #1: No second chances for first impressions.  No matter how much time, energy and effort you spend on making sure the interior of your home is perfect, it is all for nothing if your front yard and entry ways are not cleaned up as well.  Make sure you have some fresh planting, brightly colored flowers lining your walkway to the well lit front door.  Make sure your home is as welcoming as possible.



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